Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Problems & OTHERS

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Problems

There will always be a bad wherever good seem to dominate, it is a constant K. A few issues seems to lie within the high-quality Wicked Ridge, which includes limb splitting, string, and cable mishap, which can be fixed if your crossbow is still under warranty.

The only difference is that you might be unable to get exactly what you have in the previous one.

On the other hand, another problem one could experience, which is rare, is on the accuracy, timing, you would say.

You get to be sure if the arrow meets the target straight in or cockeyed, while the grip tip is meant to be observed as well. Watching a few videos on RDX shooting techniques is another massager for such pain.

These are the possible problems that are likely to be encountered while using Wicked Ridge RDX 400. Above are a couple of solutions to them.

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Ravin RIO Crossbow Problems

For Ravin RIO, the problem that surfaces is the nock. It happens when archers apply less or no force on the crossbow string.

However, this was solved by the company realizing a new design called the new orange nock.

An alarming and surprising problem is a strong failure. This is extremely dangerous. Imagine having the string switch out the Gas strings, isn’t that suicide? Someone no one would ever want to have a thought about.

The archery shack cables are yet another piece of itch. However, it is ideal that one enquires directly from the manufacturer on rising or pressing issues, to get forehand knowledge and solution.

Following the company’s recommendation, here, the fault of the blame goes all on the manufacturer.

For the strings, it is safer when you run occasional checks on your crossbows, to know where maintenance is needed, so as your axle-to-axle too. Cables, sometimes the front, and this can be seen as an issue.

You got just a way around this, and this is to outwardly turn the cable, while you increase the length with one or one and a half long twist.

Being a piece with great performances, several lapses are something possible, you have them all with the necessary solutions.


Mission Sub 1XR Problems

Well, speaking on this product, for now, there is just a problem anyone could encounter, and that is inconsistent cocking. Your Sub 1XR starts cocking effectively this moment, and the next minute it stops responding.

This is as a result of not having the bow well placed. You can either return it to the dealer, who would help in refixing it, or you report the problem to the manufacturer.

How Fast Are Mission Crossbows?

With Mission Crossbow activeness in a hunter’s hands, you are guaranteed a cam system that would be as fast as 360 FPS, which is absolutely force in excess in hunting big games.

The drawing range and elasticity are divine, sensitive, and smooth on a 14″ power stroke. While the adjustable limb bolts give room to have a draw weight between 100-160, based on personal preference.

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